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My name is Kurt Hummel-Anderson.
I'm 26 years old and a resident of New York City. I'm a fashion editor for one of the best magazines in the world, Vogue, and I hope to one day start my own.

I married my best friend, and with him, I learn a bit more about love every single day. He's my one and only and he is the love of my life. His name is Blaine, and he truly is my missing puzzle piece.

We are the proud daddies of a perfect baby girl named is Audrey Elizabeth Hummel-Anderson.

*This is a Stargays RP blog*
My personal blog can be found here.
skype: alexandermckurt

why are you guys still here


湯気 by akippe on Flickr.


湯気 by akippe on Flickr.

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❝What did my arms do before they held you?❞
(Sylvia Plath (via sadexistences)

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Hey mister, she’s my sister

just in case you didn’t notice: gordon ramsay is an adorable little shit


Homemade Macaroni and Cheese in 10 Minutes